What Are People Saying About Bay Tree Learning?

"Anne-Marie has an incredible approach with children, and my son adores her.  I have seen a great improvement in his reading and writing, as well as his confidence.  Anne-Marie not only makes learning interesting, but makes it fun.  I would definitely recommend her."

-Mother of 2nd grader


"My son went through a variety of people "trying" to get him  to read.  The biggest problem was getting him out from underneath the desk to even get started!  That is until we met Anne-Marie.  My son just absolutely loved working with her and would wait outside for her to come over.  Not only is she incredibly well-versed on the many programs available, she was so aware of my son's temperament. She always made him feel so accomplished.  I'll never forget when my son took a book to bed with him.  I will be forever grateful for what she has done for our son and family.  With Anne-Marie, you’re hiring more than an educational therapist; you're getting a caring person who wants to see your child succeed.”

-Mother of 3rd grader


"My son learned a lot from you and we all can see the progress in his work. Thank you for the assessments and for your great work. My son feels really proud of himself because his spelling has improved so much. You are a great teacher!"

-Mother of 4th grader


"Anne-Marie Morey has been the perfect fit for our grandson. He has had trouble with reading for years and continued to be passed up through the grades without actually being able to read or write. Anne-Marie made the sessions so pleasurable and interesting, that they were the highlight of his days. He looked forward to them avidly, and never, ever reported being bored or reluctant to go. Anne-Marie is gifted at knowing how to motivate her students and helping them see how they are making incremental gains in their skills along the way, and building their self-esteem as a consequence. She is positive, creative, dedicated and caring. He made significant progress over the course of approximately 100 hours of instruction with Anne-Marie. His general reading skills rose two grade levels. This year, he made it onto the honor role, an achievement he had never before dreamed possible."

-Grandmother of 7th grader


"We really enjoyed meeting with Anne-Marie to discuss the assessment she did for our daughter. She made all of the information so understandable and clear; she truly has a gift."

-Mother of 10th grader


“Anne-Marie Morey is a superb educational specialist.  I observed her work at close hand while she tutored at The Reading Clinic.  She makes structured lessons fun and interesting for students who are often so beaten down academically.  Anne-Marie is compassionate and motivating and the children she works with respond so positively to her and her techniques for teaching them.   She is highly organized and a great communicator.  She does a great job not only working with students but communicating with parents on how best to help their children and communicating with teachers to exchange information and ideas on bolstering a child's academic progress.”

-Lynne Baldwin, Ph.D. Director, Programs and Program Development The Reading Clinic